Comin’ Atcha on Freaky Friday

Today is the day we take a moment to see things from the dog’s perspective. How is this dog feeling? How can you tell? If you’re not sure, start by listing some of the things you see in her individual body features. Which direction is she moving in relation to the person? What’s her overall body shape? Let’s discuss in the Comments section. Happy Friday!


Freaky Friday Conga Style

Each Friday we take a moment to see things from the dog’s perspective (like in the Jamie Lee Curtis movie of the same name).

Today features a video of dogs performing an elaborate, difficult and entertaining series of stunts in front of a huge, live audience.

Are the dogs enjoying themselves? How do the dogs feel about their person? About each other? Do they feel safe? Do they all act the same or do they react to the environment differently? Do you think this kind of performance celebrates the dogs, makes fun of them, or something else altogether?

I am not fishing for “right” answers. The whole point of our Freaky Friday exercise is to take a moment to try and experience the world from the dog’s point of view. Let me know what you think.

May the families affected by today’s events in Connecticut find peace. May we all cultivate empathy in our lives.