Puppy Savvy


Puppy Savvy is now helping dog owners across the country. Hear Barbara’s training tips on Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. Steve named Puppy Savvy one of the top three new dog training books!


“I’d like to see Puppy Savvy in the hands of more people with new puppies. It’s upbeat and full of practical wisdom conveyed in an easy-to-read conversational style.”
 (Read the full review in The Bark magazine.)

Karen B. London, PhD, Bark Magazine columnist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist

“This is the one training book I wish could go home with every new shelter adoption, puppy or adult.”

—Sue Sternberg, Author of Successful Dog Adoption and creator of the Dog Park Assistant iPhone App

“[A] thorough overview of raising a puppy to be behaviorally healthy, with lots of good advice written in a way the average pet owner will easily understand and enjoy.”

—Cheryl Kolus DVM, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (read the full review)

[Puppy Savvy] offers really good—and I mean really good—tips for dogs at both ends of the spectrum; those dogs you’d think are going to be Cujo, they are so over-the-top confident, to others where you are saying, ‘C’mon little puppy, get out from under the couch.’ And this book is fun to read.”

—Steve Dale, America’s Pet Expert, host of the nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World and My Pet World

“This is the book we have all been waiting for! Clear, concise and complete, Puppy Savvy is packed with effective techniques anyone can master, all delivered with wit and encouragement. Puppy Savvy is the best training guide I have read, and the one I recommend to all my clients.”

—Susanne Hughes, DVM
Snow Hill Whippets

Puppy Savvy should be the new bible for every new puppy parent. Shumannfang’s humorous and empathetic style offers a breath of fresh air to the genre of dog training books.”

—Virginia Hoffmann CPDT-KA, CDBC
Dog Training and Behavior Consultant



Puppy Savvy is not your mother’s dog training book. It offers practical fixes for common problems like house soiling, chewing, pulling on leash, carsickness and leaping on kids. You will also find special tips for bold and bashful puppies. Puppies have their own individual personalities, and that should affect your training choices during socialization field trips or just around the house. It will make everything go so much more smoothly.  

If you are a busy person, you might really like the Magic Wand Chart, which divides training-tips-at-a-glance into Quick Fix, Make It Stick and Extra Slick categories, so you can pick your solution based on how fancy (or desperate) you are feeling.

And the book comes with  free video tutorials that correspond with many of the lessons. Please enjoy these downloadable goodies (below), which go with more detailed instructions you’ll find in Puppy Savvy. Just click on the little picture and print!

Puppy Savvy also helps when you’re wondering what on earth you were thinking when you got a puppy, and when your friends are doling out well-meaning (but possibly wacky) advice. In other words, integrating a dog into your life can sometimes be frustrating and challenging, and this book can help you get though it, maybe even with an occasional chuckle. Check out a sample page. Got a puppy? Get Puppy Savvy!

The Bowl of Happiness
The Bowl of Happiness
Puppy Savvy Housetraining Chart
Puppy Savvy Housetraining Chart

8 thoughts on “Puppy Savvy

  1. I found your blog through Paws4ever on Facebook. This book looks great! And just what I need. I’m in Chapel Hill – is there any place local I can buy it?

  2. Hi Nita, and thanks! Puppy Savvy will be available locally, most likely in a couple months. I’ll announce it here, so if you wish, just click on the Follow Blog button and you’ll get updates via email. Thank you for your interest!

  3. Ok, thanks! BTW I have had really good luck with choosing Media Mail as the shipping option when ordering through Lulu.com. I will probably jinx it now (!) but the shipping time has never been more than 3 days when I’ve that way through them, and it’s quite economical.

  4. As a dog trainer and behaviorist, breeder, competitor, and long-time dog enthusiast, I cannot give enough praise for this book! It is now going home with all of the puppies I breed, and is required reading in my puppy training classes.

    Jennifer Hime, BA, ACBC
    Head Trainer/Behaviorist
    Front Range K9 Academy & Horsetooth Whippets, Colorado

    1. Oh my gosh, Jennifer, thank you for your kind and generous comments. I appreciate it more than you know. For one thing, it’s been a heck of a strenuous day, so it is a delight to receive such an uplifting comment. And for another, the whole time I was writing the book I wondered if people would get it, or would possibly think my approach was banana-town. Thank you for spreading the word through your work and for taking the time to write.

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