Happy Kids, Happy Dogs

Happy Kids, Happy Dogs will show you, with photos and clear instructions, how to get your dog ready for your baby’s arrival and how to make sure they become friends as your child crawls, walks, has play dates, and takes on doggie chores. You will learn how to select a new dog, what to do if your child is afraid of dogs, and the three secrets to a well behaved dog. Happy Kids, Happy Dogs will teach you how to decrease stress for everyone, reduce the chance of injury, and teach your child respect and empathy that starts with your dog.

“…unfailingly logical in its presentation of ideas, with clear explanations and step-by-step training instructions on such diverse topics as the three secrets to a well-behaved dog, the top three cues your dog should respond to and how to teach them, when to get help, dos and don’ts for child behavior, games kids can play with their dogs, and rules to follow when kids visit.”
The Bark Magazine


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“Shumannfang’s years of training experience, behavioral education and incredible ‘doggy intuition’ are evidenced in this must read for expectant dog owning families. Happy Kids, Happy Dogs is a well written guide that every expectant dog owning family should read and reread!”

Susanne Hughes, DVM, Veterinarian

Childbirth educators and trauma prevention specialists at Duke and UNC Hospitals recommend Happy Kids, Happy Dogs because children under age 5 are the most frequent victims of dog bites.

Best Training and Behavior Book Nominee
2006 Dog Writers Association of America

Best Dog Book 2006 (Runner Up)
International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior

Four Paws Up Rating
The Association of Professional Dog Trainers Chronicle of the Dog

A portion of each sale of Happy Kids, Happy Dogs is donated to Project Pooch, which helps incarcerated youth develop compassion, respect and job skills by teaching them how to care for, train, and find homes for shelter dogs. Since the program’s founding in 1993, there has been zero recidivism among Project Pooch graduates.