Housetraining Hint #1

Teaching your dog to eliminate only outside, especially if he’s a new puppy, is usually a labor intensive process. You’ll need to take him outside frequently, know how to respond if he does pee indoors, know the right way to supervise so he does not pee indoors in the first place, and have a plan for increasing his freedom in the house. In addition to this primer on how to house train a puppy, I thought I would offer a series of weekly hints to help those of you who are in the midst of this process. These are tips that are commonly needed by my dog training clients and that have made a big difference in their progress. Some of these hints maypuppypeeing not apply to you. If not, just wait a few days! Puppies have a way of throwing a curve ball at you just when things are going smoothly. Not to worry, that’s normal; my hope is that having the tip ahead of time will help ease the house training for both of you. So here we go, here is tip #1:

Do not praise your puppy or new dog while he is eliminating. Timing is everything. If you begin praising your pooch as soon as he has squatted, you risk distracting him or interrupting him altogether. This can translate into more frequent potty opportunities needed, or the “he pees in the house as soon as we’ve walked back in the door” syndrome. Let him empty that little bladder all the way. The moment he finishes is the time to turn on the enthusiastic praise.