Photo by Kristen Beck.
Photo by Kristen Beck.

Barbara Shumannfang, PhD, CPDT is excited about learning, animals, empathy, teaching, connecting, and finding ways to spread compassion. Starting in 1999 she did this in her role as a dog trainer by helping families, shelter dogs, and veterinary staff, and also by writing articles, a blog and two books (Happy Kids, Happy Dogs: Building a Friendship Right From the Start and Puppy Savvy: The Pocket Guide to Raising Your Dog Without Going Bonkers).

Now Barbara is shifting her focus to visual media to explore these same topics and no longer seeing dog training clients. You can still read her advice by doing a keyword search at the Very Fetching blog. Happy training!



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  1. This is so helpful. My one year old pup has definite issues in the car. I love the kong idea, will definitely start this right away! I also will start working on training a spot. Do you have guidance on how to best train for the spot?

    1. My pleasure! I have had various degrees of this issue with different dogs and these are my go-to tips. Thanks for your question…I meant to link the video instructions for Go To Your Spot within the post, I will go double-check it’s there (thanks for the heads-up). Meantime, voila, here is the link: https://veryfetching.com/go-to-your-spot/

      Written instructions are in Puppy Savvy (beginning to advanced with more detail than the video) if you happen to have that. I hope you have great success!

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