How to Catch a Dog With the Gotcha Game

LogoanRecallThe Gotcha Game is for you if you want your dog to come all the way to you when you call. If you’ve ever been frustrated that your dog heads towards you, but then stays just out of reach, playing this game correctly should solve that. And if you’d like to make sure your dog is comfortable having anyone grab him or her by the collar, start playing the Gotcha Game. Here it is in three quick steps to accompany the detailed instructions in Puppy Savvy. You’ll also find tips for Bold and Bashful puppies there. (Works for grown dogs, too!)

Notice how I touch the puppy underhand instead of reaching over hand or over his head. Most dogs do not enjoy patting on top of the head and may back away or avoid coming all the way to you. Notice also in Step III how I lavish praise on the pup for quite a long time for coming to me. Be generous and your puppy will want to come close and stick with you.

Many thanks to Sandi and the delightful Logan. (Don’t miss his adorable prairie dog impersonation in this clip.)


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