Puppy Savvy Video Lesson: Body Handling Step III

Today I offer you the third of three videos on how to teach your pup to feel comfortable with being touched. Notice how much more at ease the puppy is with me grabbing his tail, ears and reaching over his head after simply completing Steps I and II

You’ll be ready to move on to Step III once your puppy is feeling relaxed about you touching her anywhere for 7-10 seconds. Step III is the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow, the step that puts the whole enchilada together. It helps your puppy feel great about being touched and restrained away from home, by your veterinarian or groomer, up high, and on a slippery surface. Those are some serious puppy skills that will serve your puppy his or her entire life.

Why go to this bit of trouble? If you were a little puppy, I bet you would prefer to feel great about touch, heights, surfaces and strangers reaching for you before you were required to experience those things in a strange place filled with unfamiliar people and other dogs. It could make a big difference in how you feel about your vet and grooming care, and even how trusting you feel toward your person.

If your puppy is Bold or Bashful, see Puppy Savvy for additional instructions, tips and troubleshooting ideas. (By the way, any of these tips are also ideal for dogs who are no longer puppies.)

Special thanks to Sandi and Logan the Adorable.

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