You, Your Dog, and National Train Your Dog Month

Rescued, loved and very well-trained wonderdogs Murphy and Mico. (Photo by Chris Sims.)
Rescued, loved and very well-trained wonderdogs Murphy and Mico. (Photo by Chris Sims.)

January is National Train Your Dog Month. It is going to be positively chock full of fun and practical ways you can use training to enhance the lives of you and your dog. Here is what’s in store at Very Fetching:

New Blog Posts

How to Show Dominance Over Your Puppy (While Rocking a Pair of Leg Warmers)

Talk to the Paw: Should You Really Ignore Behavior You Don’t Like?

Training with Treats: Are You Using Bribes or Rewards?

How to Let Your Dog Teach You Something (And Why You Should Care)

New Book

Puppy Savvy is available now at (at a sneak preview, discounted price) and will be in wide release soon. Be one of the first to check it out, and let me know what you think! (Tip: order using Media Mail, quick and low cost.) What’s that, you’d like to view the trailer? Click here.

New! Video Dog Training Lessons

Starting with puppy training lessons that accompany the instructions in Puppy Savvy, Very Fetching will bring you step-by-step demonstrations of how to teach your dog fun and practical skills.

Webinars and Training Tips from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Webinars including topics like…

I’m Not Co-Dependent, I Just Can’t Live Without You
House and Crate Training
How to Choose a Great Dog Daycare or Boarding Facility

Training Tips and Canine Life and Social Skills

Learn something new, start a new training project with your dog, find a solution, ask a question or try a new game. There will plenty for you to choose from in celebration of National Train Your Dog Month! Friend me on Facebook for more updates, events and ideas.

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