An Extra Fetching Freaky Friday

It’s Freaky Friday at Very Fetching, which means we see things from the dog’s perspective (just like in the movie of the same name). How is this dog feeling? What’s on his mind, and what clues do you see in his face?


2 thoughts on “An Extra Fetching Freaky Friday

  1. Thank you, Marge! I am grinning because here I was, waiting for someone to guess. Fair enough, I’ll guess first!

    I think this dog is feeling “in the zone” with some happy adrenaline going. I see an intent look in his eyes, and his ears are alert. Although he is lying down, I doubt he is relaxing; he is in a “sphinx” position rather than flopped over on one hip (all the better to spring into action), and his tongue is far enough out & wide enough that it’s safe to assume he is cooling off from activity. I wonder if his ears are perked in anticipation of the person reaching to throw the ball again?

    Everyone, please chime in on this or any other post. We are all attuned to our dogs and can learn from them and from each other. I think it is fun, and so important, to try to imagine their perspective.

    Here at Very Fetching you will not be criticized (by me or by anyone else) for trying. It is a group effort to understand and appreciate our dogs, and everyone is welcome.

    Oh, and for some guesses on past Freaky Friday posts, see the Very Fetching Facebook page (click on the FB link upper right corner of this page.)

    Thanks again, Marge, for chiming in!

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