You Lookin’ At Me? (It’s Freaky Friday!)

It’s Freaky Friday here at Very Fetching, which means we take a moment to see things from the dog’s perspective (like Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan did in the movie when they switched bodies). How does this dog feel about what or who he is looking at? How can you tell?


2 thoughts on “You Lookin’ At Me? (It’s Freaky Friday!)

  1. I think these are all good possibilities! I might be tempted to add that he’s feeling “intense” given that his tail is up, mouth closed and everything is forward (including weight on his front end), with a pretty direct gaze.

    One thing that fascinates me about this photo is the line from the collar to the leash clip to the leash. This dog is not straining forward, over-the-top. Perhaps he is feeling pretty confident, just taking it all in before he decides his next move or what to look at next…

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