National Train Your Dog Month–Is Your Dog a Top Notch Dog?

Here is your chance to show the answer is “yes!” This photo contest takes only about 30 seconds to enter, there will be three winners, and it allows you to show off how cute and smart your dog is. Someone has to win, why not you and your dog? Here’s how to enter:

Step One: Cue your dog to do something she already knows how to do.

Step Two: Snap a photo of it.

Step Three: Email it to me ( or post it to the Top Notch Dog Facebook page along with a sentence about how you used reward based methods to train what the photo depicts, and how it benefits both you and the dog. You’re done!

First place: $100 in dog training at Top Notch Dog

Second place: $50 in dog training at Top Notch Dog

Third place: a one-year subscription to The Bark magazine.

You have until January 20th. Any age, breed type, or training level welcome. Entries are already rolling in. If you’ve never taught your dog to do anything on cue, there’s no time like the present; see great training tips from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers in celebration of National Train Your Dog Month.

Here’s an idea by way of example: Submit a photo of your dog sitting, saying that you used treats to lure the dog into position, praising and feeding when the dog sat. The sit benefits you because the dog sits rather than jumping up, and benefits the dog because his calmer position means more quality time with his people.

Fine print: Winner will be notifed by January 30th and may put the prize towards basic manners or tricks training, no serious behavior problems, which will be at the discretion of Top Notch Dog. Prize must be used by June 15th, 2011. You can be a dog professional, but not a professional photographer. Limit three entries per family.

But that’s not all! Here are other ways to celebrate National Train Your Dog Month with Top Notch Dog!

15% off all dog and puppy training in the month of January.

Free access to the discussion of all things kids, babies and dogs hosted by Barbara at the virtual bookclub Dog Read starting January 16th. We’ll be discussing Happy Kids, Happy Dogs, which is recommended by childbirth educators and trauma prevention specialists at Duke Health and UNC Hospitals. Now available online, at The Regulator Bookshop and as an iBook.

Happy National Train Your Dog Month!

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