Tricks Contest Winner

The tricks contest inspired quite a few people to work on new tricks and even some to write in with questions. One person taught her dog to play the piano and I heard someone else developed a trick involving a rubber chicken. So that was the whole idea, to train your dog something new, to feel inspired and challenged and to do something fun for National Train Your Dog Month.

Here are the winning video submissions. Both are from the same owner, two different dogs (each is about a minute long). Enjoy watching the first session and the finished product for each trick, and consider trying these out with your dog. By the way, both tricks have practical applications; the first is called “Glue” and it can be used to give a fearful, reactive, or easily distracted dog something to focus on, and the second is great for building core muscle strength in dogs with “normal” length backs.

The first video is of a 12 year old Golden retriever named Dreamer learning and then performing a trick called “Glue.” (So you see, “young-at-heart” dogs can learn new tricks!).

The second video is of a 6 and 1/2 year old Golden retriever named Trotter learning and then performing a  trick called “Say Your Prayers.”

Congratulations to Dreamer’s and Trotter’s owner, Chris O’Connor, who has won an hour of dog training at Top Notch Dog. In her submission she said she’d like to use the session towards polishing heeling and teaching more tricks; that is the thing about teaching tricks, once you’ve tried it, it is so much fun for both you and the dog, it is hard to stop at just one. Happy training!

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