Why did the dog chase his tail?

Because he was trying to make ends meet.

Sorry, a little recession humor there. But in these times, besides trying to keep an optimistic outlook, it’s also good to come across a discount or two. So I am now offering a Friends and Neighbors service. Here’s how it works:

Buddy-up with someone you know for an hour of customized dog training at Top Notch Dog, LLC. You and your friend split the cost of the session, plus receive a 10% discount, so that each of you pays $45/hr instead of $100/hr. You, your friend, and your dogs will get a lot out of learning and practicing together. Give it a try! 

 Some of the common things people like to work on together include:TopNotchDogPupilsShowingOffTheirManners

  • walking politely on leash
  • coming when called
  • greeting visitors without jumping up
  • teaching “leave it” or “go to your place”
  • basic training (sit, down, stay, come)
  • advanced training (preparing for therapy dog work, or attention, motivation, or control work for dog sports)
  • all things puppy (biting, indoor accidents, chewing on your things, crate training)
  • tricks! (especially fun for kids)
  • preparing your dog for your new baby
  • paying attention to you even around another dog
  • other goals you may have that lend themselves to sharing an appointment (your goals do not have to be exactly the same)

Call 493-4560 or visit Top Notch Dog for more information.  

Please pass this on to anyone you think would enjoy a better behaved dog. Thanks!


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