And the winner is…

The results of the 10th Anniversary photo caption contests are in! First, I have to say that each entry made me chuckle. I especially appreciated the captions that showed insider understanding of dog body language or use of training puns. Apparently dog lovers are a pretty creative group. Second, the only hard part was picking just one (that, and clearing up the little misunderstanding to the winner that the prize was not a free trip to Europe, but she seemed to get over that quickly). So we have a winner, plus an honorable mention to give recognition for a pretty doggone funny submission.threedogspicsm2

The honorable mention goes to Krista White for the caption, ““Wait, wait, you’ve got a little kibble riiiight there.”

And the winner is Cindy Wright for the caption, “No matter what you do he’ll always like me better!!!”

The twist to the story  is that Cindy has offered to donate her hour of free dog training to Saving Grace Animals for Adoption. But I think Cindy should still receive her prize. So she will get a dog training appointment, plus I will donate another hour of dog training to Saving Grace. 





Here’s what Cindy has to say about her dog, Lily, who she’ll be bringing to Top Notch Dog for training: “Lily is a 2 year old English Springer Spaniel. She is sweet, lovable, athletic and energetic.  She is a natural at sports but lacks some of the more refined skills.  We need help with leash walking and jumping up — Lily is always glad to see everyone!!!”


Congratulations, Cindy! And thanks to everyone for participating. Stay tuned for more dog training tips coming you way on the Top Notch Dog Blog.

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